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A History of Mevagissey

An engaging and informative history of Mevagissey

Available in print, digital and audio

For over eight hundred years Mevagissey has flourished beside the south Cornish coastline. It has, in its heyday, been a globally significant port, lighting the streets of London in the eighteenth century and feeding the homes of Europe. 
It has been battered by freak storms and a cholera outbreak but has continued, unbroken, contributing in no small part to the colonisation of the world by Cornish men and women.
This potted history gives an insight into the history of the village and takes a humorous look behind the scenes into what it is like to actually live and work in Cornwall’s second largest fishing port. It debunks a few myths and introduces some lively, tall tales, as told through local voices.


“A lively and interesting look at the growth and diversity of Mevagissey; well-researched and full of intriguing snippets which bring the history to life.”

“I expected to find it interesting but I never expected it to be a page turner but it was. Finished in one go (tea breaks excluded) and will read it again. Nice easy style, lots of interesting information without facts and figures overload, just right. Ideal for locals and visitors.”

“Excellent potted local history of Mevagissey. As a local resident it was great to read stories I had heard passed down in the village now in print, and also see some new ones! Well researched, concise and accessible – a pleasure to read.”