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When everyday life is anything but everyday… Liz Hurley gathers together her newspaper columns to deliver a collection of fast, funny reads. Join in as you share the highs and lows of a bookseller, dog lover and mother in Britain’s finest county. This treasure trove of little gems moves from lifestyle pieces on living day to day, behind the scenes in the UK’s number one tourist destination, to opinion pieces on education, current affairs, science, politics and even religion.

Watching the sun set over a glowing beach isn’t quite so much fun when you are trying to find the keys your child hid in the sand and the tide is coming in! Join in and discover just how hard it is to surf and look glamorous at the same time. Batten down the hatches as she lets off steam about exploding cars and rude visitors. Laugh along and agree or disagree with Liz’s opinion pieces, as you discover that although life might not be greener on the other side it’s a lot of fun finding out.

Scribbles from the Edge is a lovely, light-hearted journal. It will make you laugh out loud, stop and think about larger concerns or just enjoy the beautiful descriptions of a gorgeous world as seen through her eyes. If you enjoy Bill Bryson’s observations, Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion pieces or Amy Schumer’s sarcasm then you are bound to find something here to make you smile or think in these fast, funny reads.

The second collection of columns from Liz Hurley, still scribbling away on the edge. Still trying to hold it together. From serious to silly her columns cover all that life throws at us. A perfect selection of little titbits, to pick up and put down or read straight through.

Reviews for Volume 1 & 2

“When I travel, I always buy a newspaper and read the local columns. There’s no better way to learn about an area and to get a real “feel” for it than the musings of a talented local writer. This lady is good. She’s down-to-earth and just quirky enough to be interesting. Her stories aren’t earth-shaking, but how much of life is? She writes about her family and friends and pets and co-workers. Just every day stuff with the comic twist that some folks have a knack for. I enjoyed it and it’s a great funny read by an Englishwoman who has that snarky Brit Wit down pat.” Top 500 Reviewer

“A lovely lighthearted journal of family life from a working mother’s point of view. Will make you laugh out loud! Beautiful descriptions of gorgeous Cornwall, I chuckled from start to finish! Liz Hurley has an incredible way with words. I loved her thoughts on committees and her quote “if Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock”! Another, Fisherman Bob, too busy to die!”

“This had me giggling at the first page I loved the wall paper section! Well written, great sense of humour and made me remember to love life and laugh often.”

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