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Updates and Alterations

Walkers don’t stand still, and neither, sometimes, do the walks themselves.  Any issues will get added here straightaway and then updated in the e-books and printed versions on a regular basis.  I am really grateful to any feedback about a walk that you have just done, I can then help spread the word about alterations


Walks in Fowey
Hall Walk 19.9.18

Step 4. The chapel has now been deemed unsafe. You can view it from the path but can no longer enter the site.

Par Beach to Tywardreath 19.9.18
Step 2.  The granite post that was being used as a marker has been removed.  Keep to the lower part of the field with the hedge to your left. When you get to the far side choose the right hand gate of the two gates, side by side. Now follow the directions in the book.

Walks in Fowey
Lerryn to St Veep.  10.8.18

The path at the end of section 2 has become heavily overgrown. It is still there but hard to see.  It will re-emerge in winter or if the tide is low enough you can use the stepping stones across the creek.